I have been breeding since 1977, starting with Siamese and Orientals and now including Tonkinese. While I have owned Orientals, I have concentrated mainly on Siamese, breeding Siamese to Siamese, or Siamese to Orientals (what a fascinating variety can be got there!) and Siamese to Burmese, for lovely sturdy Tonkinese, with the chatty nature of the Siamese and the laid back nature of the Burmese ‒ a great combination! Pictures of present and previous litters can be seen on the gallery.

For the past three years I have bred only first generation Tonkinese. These are big healthy kittens but are sold only as pets as only 3rd or 4th generation can be shown and the GCCF does not recognise first generation as Tonkinese. Nevertheless, I always register my kittens with the GCCF as that is the only way that new owners can guarantee that the pedigree papers they receive with the kitten are genuine, proving that the father is a registered Burmese and the mother a registered Siamese.

All kittens are raised in the home and have plenty of handling from an early age, so that, by the time they leave, they are bold, confident and ready to take on the world. Pedigree papers, registration certificates, inoculation certificates and 4 weeks insurance come with each kitten, along with a favourite toy or two to help settle in to the new home, and a helpsheet to give advice on feeding, toileting etc.